Start: February 7, 2020
8:00 pm
End: February 7, 2020
10:00 pm

Event Venue

Bru Boru, Cashel

GPS: 52.5212005, -7.8884088

After a sell out run in Brú Ború in 2019 the Crokey Hill Club return in 2020 with ‘3 Hail Marys’.

This nursing home experience will have you in tears of laughter and is the work of Tommy Marren – writer of the highly-acclaimed hit comedies ‘It’s the Real McCoy’ and ‘Nobody’s Talking To Me’.

We join the residents of St. Mary’s nursing home on a very special Friday. Some of the residents are being moved to new nursing homes in different parts of Ireland and for Mary O’Toole, Mary O’Neill and Mary O’Brien it’s the end of an era. For over 10 years they’ve lived together in the nursing home and despite memory lapses, the odd tantrum and a lot of confusion they have become almost inseparable. These 3 Hail Mary’s are no ordinary Mary’s!

As the 3 Mary’s navigate their way through their last day together we’re introduced to some of the other residents of the nursing home who become an integral part of this hilarious show. There’s Packie, who likes to play with his fishing rod and who talks in rhymes all day long and we also meet James – a multi-instrumentalist and talented musician/songwriter who is busy writing songs for his new album!

Dan O’Shea – the nursing home proprietor – tries to keep order alongside volunteer Rose – a posh and articulate doctor’s wife who loves to sing opera and who drives the 3 Mary’s mad! With a few rousing sing-songs, a decapitated statue, a chicken-plucker, stories of numerous heart-attacks, a fish that gets away and confusion galore about what they had for lunch the 3 Mary’s laugh, cry and argue with each other like they do every other day!

Fees & Tickets
25.00 €